Carmine P. Jones-Gifford - Pioneer Pacific College
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I have taught in the Practical Nursing Program at Pioneer Pacific College (HCI) for almost 8 years. I teach the upper level of the program courses. Primarily: nursing theory and clinical lab 4th term, NCLEX preparation and ethics 5th term and sometimes 3rd term theory.

I hold 3 degrees:
Associate of Arts Degree
Associate of Science Degree
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree

I am passionate about nursing. Some of the most important attributes of a great nurse are: conscientious and skillful care, compassion for all persons, and the understanding that it takes to treat each person with respect and dignity. I strongly believe that by teaching students these attributes I can impact my profession and my community at large in a much greater way than I could in any other way. I love teaching nursing. I know that my students will leave Pioneer Pacific College with a new and fulfilling career that will change their lives. This alone would be enough to make me sleep well every night.

If I had a super power, I would love to be able to time travel. There are so many moments in time that I would love to experience. Plus, I could talk to Florence Nightingale about her vision for future nursing that I have had the fortune to benefit from.

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