Chris Butler - Pioneer Pacific College
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The programs I teach are computer applications such as Windows, MS Word & Excel, lots of Keyboarding classes and one of the most important classes, College Career Success.

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Education and a double minor in Education and Religion.
I had early success teaching in high school being selected to help at an outdoor camp for 6th graders.
My junior year in high school I was selected to be a camp counselor and water ski instructor at Big Lake Youth Camp. After my first summer I knew I wanted to make teaching my career.

Students and faculty is easily my most favorite part of my job. To help others be successful is my greatest joy and to be a member of Pioneer faculty is awesome.

Most people know that I’m a music lover which really keeps me in touch with the learning process. I primarily play fingerstyle guitar. I spent last year learning a new instrument for me, the mandolin, and this year I am focusing on violin.

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