James Weerts - Pioneer Pacific College
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I teach in the Paralegal, Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, Business, Healthcare Administration, and General Education departments, in more or less that order, or as needed.

Degrees I hold:
JD, Willamette University
BS, Psychology, Social Science, Public Health, Portland State University
AAS, Computer Information Systems, Portland Community College
AS, General Studies, Portland Community College

I’m a firm believer in education as a path to success and overall personal fulfillment in life.

Education can, and often does, spur tremendous personal growth in individuals. This growth can be so pronounced that one observing the transformation might think they’ve “become a whole new person.” Actually, it doesn’t do that. Education doesn’t make anybody a new person. Instead, education reveals the inner person, taps the depths of their intellect, and equips them to express themselves and interact with the world in new and more effective ways. Seeing this remarkable growth in individual students, beginning with the first day of their first class at PPC, continuing all the way through to receiving their degree at graduation, is by far the most rewarding part of my job as a teacher at PPC.

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