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•I teach Mathematics and Electronic Engineering Technology (EET)
•The degrees that I have are: Master degree, Bachelor degree, and associate degree in teaching in mathematics, mathematics, and Electronic Engineering Technology. I wrote and proved a mathematical theorem: “The Product of Roots of a Polynomial Equation Degree in Theorem “in 2010 (see the thesis or MST project of Jennifer Nguyen in the math resource room at the Portland State University. The schools that I attended are Portland Community College and Portland State University.

The favorite part of my job is:
o Make students deeply understand mathematics and Electronics.
o Creating and proofing new formulas and methods (when students need it) which reach to American text books, so that students can learn things better.
o Make students happy with knowledge they gain, so students can use their knowledge to support their careers after they graduate.
o Helping students in school as much as possible.

Something that most people don’t know about me: my name has been changed from HongHanh Nguyen (The Vietnamese name) to Jennifer Nguyen (The American name).

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