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Programs: Mathematics, Electronic Engineering Technology (EET)

Master degree, Bachelor degree, and Associate degree in teaching in Mathematics, Mathematics, and Electronic Engineering Technology

“I wrote and proved a mathematical theorem: “The Product of Roots of a Polynomial Equation Degree in Theorem” in 2010 (see the thesis or MST project of Jennifer Nguyen in the math resource room at the Portland State University.

The favorite part of my job is:
o Make students deeply understand mathematics and Electronics.
o Creating and proofing new formulas and methods (when students need it) which reach to American text books, so that students can learn things better.
o Make students happy with knowledge they gain, so students can use their knowledge to support their careers after they graduate.
o Helping students in school as much as possible.

Something that most people don’t know about me: my name has been changed from HongHanh Nguyen (The Vietnamese name) to Jennifer Nguyen (The American name).”

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