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I graduated with my biology degree in 1993 from Northern Arizona University, and decided I wanted to work with people. Subsequently I entered nursing school 1996 and graduated in 1999 from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado in June 1999. After passing my NCLEX I moved to Oregon and began my nursing career at Sacred Heart night shift float pool. This job allowed me to gain many nursing skills in a very short amount of time. After being at Sacred Heart and being charge nurse on Mother Baby I went back to Medical surgical Nursing at McKenzie Willamette Medical Center. For the past seven years or so I had worked at Lane Blood Center and was the mobile operations supervisor there. I have always been interested in teaching and when the opportunity to apply at Pioneer Pacific College presented itself I took the chance. I am now in my second term of teaching and am finding it rewarding and challenging. The students are eager and willing to learn and very focused. The faculty are very knowledgeable and supportive. I enjoy many things about my life here in Oregon including the Mountains and the ocean and being able to take myself and my dog to many wonderful places.

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