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Programs: Healthcare Administration, Business

Associate of Science Degree in Cardiovascular Technology; Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management; Master’s in Business Administration

Roxanne’s career started with the intent to pursue the clinical side of healthcare but like many individuals her education was postponed for a time with responsibilities of family and concerns of raising children. When she was ready to continue on with her education, her focus had shifted toward administrative aspects of business and she found academic settings to be much changed. Consequently she became very familiar with the rigors of learning across the spectrum of traditional versus non-traditional academic environments and she is well aware of the challenges adult learners face in their commitment to educational goals.

Roxanne has worked in higher education since 2006, and is able to apply her clinical knowledge plus 25 years of experience in business related disciplines to academic environments.

“You have my respect and assurance that I will work with you to achieve success in pursuing your educational goals.”

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