Vanesa Pancic-Meier - Pioneer Pacific College
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Departments: Paralegal and Criminal Justice

University of Utah, Juris Doctor
University of Utah, Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies, LL.M
Central European University, Master’s Degree in Comparative Constitutional Law, LL.M
University of Split, College of Law, Bachelor’s Degree/Law

Professional Affiliations:
Oregon State Bar, Member
Washington State Bar, Member

Oregon Legal Aid, Volunteer
Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, Volunteer through Mercy Corp/Community Housing Project

Why I love teaching:
Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers any professional can have. It is rewarding because you learn just as much as you teach. I come to class every day knowing that my students will teach me something I did not know the day before. This is why I have been teaching with the Pioneer Pacific College for nearly 15 years. If you would like to know what I am talking about – come and visit me in my class.

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