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How to Enroll

Whether you’re a new or continuing student, enrolling at Pioneer Pacific is a straightforward, three-step process. To be eligible for admission to any program, an applicant must have a high school diploma or a general equivalency diploma (GED). Prospective students who have completed an associate degree or above at an accredited institution may submit official college transcripts in lieu of a high school diploma or GED.

Step 1: Meet with Admissions

We invite all prospective students to visit one of our campuses, take a tour of the college, its facilities, and speak with Admissions about their interests and goals. This visit allows prospective students to learn more about our college and to ask specific questions regarding the curriculum and career field(s) being considered. If both the prospective student and Admissions Officer feel that Pioneer Pacific College is the right choice, then the Admissions Officer will assist the prospective student through each step of the college’s application process. Students enrolling in a Bachelor program will be required to provide an official copy of their regular high school transcript, GED transcript or the equivalent recognized by the State of Oregon prior to the end of the student’s first term.

Step 2: Applying & Placement Evaluation

All applicants are required to take applicants to Pioneer Pacific College are required to take a test for placement purposes. The assessment measures basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics. This evaluation is used to assure that applicants can reasonably expect to complete their program and benefit from the education obtained.

Practical Nursing and Radiologic Technology applicants are required to take the placement assessment regardless of prior post-secondary education or test scores. For Practical Nursing and Radiologic Technology students who do not pass the evaluation, you will be allowed to retest one time without a waiting period using an alternate form of the same test. Any subsequent attempts must be separated by a minimum of 31 days.

Step 3: Explore your Financial Options & Acceptance

Once the application process has been completed, applicants are scheduled to meet with a Financial Aid Officer regarding the details of their personalized financial assistance plan. Financial Aid Officers are available to meet with students at any time, from pre-application and beyond. Once applicants have been accepted, they are then scheduled for orientation and can begin taking the first steps towards a new and exciting career.

Transfer Credit Policy

Up to one-half of the total credit requirements for program completion may be awarded by means of transfer credit, challenge credit or a combination of the two.

Pioneer Pacific College has additional guidelines for transferring credit. If you have credits you’re interested in transferring or would like to learn more about this process, call the admissions team at 1-866-772-4636 for step-by-step instructions.

For Paralegal (LAWxxx or equivalent prefix) transfer credits, the following guidelines shall apply:

Any student seeking to obtain transfer credit for any specific paralegal course taken at another institution must provide the following documentation and information to the Registrar’s Office:

(a) The name and address of the institution;

(b) A transcript or other equivalent showing the course title, date taken, and grade received;

(c) The course syllabus; and

(d) Documentation of whether or not the paralegal program at the institution has obtained ABA approval.

Upon receipt of the above, the Registrar will consult with the Paralegal Program Director or Director of Education as to whether or not transfer credit shall be given for the course requested. Transfer credit will only be allowed if the course complies with all criteria of an equivalent course offered in the Pioneer Pacific College Paralegal program. Transfer credit will only be allowed for a course in which the student received a 2.0 or higher. The maximum number of legal specialty credit allowed for transfer shall not exceed twelve quarter hours.