10 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast

10 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast

26 March 2015 By Emily Hohf

SuccessEach morning you wake up, your brain and body are well-rested and ready for the day.  You have new ideas that sparked into existence overnight.  Your willpower and motivation to accomplish your goals have been restored.  And as you rise from bed, you can’t help but get excited about the many things you’ll do in your “free” time.  But then you get ready and rush to classes and afterward you rush to work.  In each of these places, you have demands and priorities placed on you that are not your own.  So by the time you get home, suddenly you’re drained and the priorities you were so excited about just don’t motivate you enough to pry yourself off the couch.

Being successful in the very definition of the word means to achieve your own goals, not someone else’s.  That’s why the morning hours are so vital, to be able to utilize your brain and body at its most refreshed and efficient capacity.  Within those morning hours, before the day truly begins, you need to get the most done and feel satisfied (which has a great impact on your attitude and performance for the rest of the day).  Start with these ten things before breakfast:

Resist the Snooze – “Five more minutes!” is all fine and good until five minutes turns into ten, ten into 20, and before you know it you’re late for work.  To squeeze in the day’s prime time for yourself, you should set the alarm a minimum of two hours before you leave and don’t press snooze!

Exercise – You may initially feel sluggish when you wake, especially if you aren’t a “morning person.”  Exercise has been shown to jump start your blood and, in turn, your brain.  It’s a natural wake-up call as opposed to coffee or a cold shower.  Plus, the endorphins released will put you in a good mood.

Top Priority Project – Once you’ve woken up properly, your mind is ready to focus.  Start by tackling the most challenging or top priority project on your to-do list.  This might be writing a big research paper or studying for a test later that day.  But it could also be emailing a potential business contact or filling out an application.

Passion in Progress – A top priority project isn’t always a fun project or one that’s close to your heart.  If there’s a hobby you strive to finish, from writing a novel to becoming fluent in a foreign language, you need to carve out time in the morning for that pursuit.  It’ll make you happier and help you achieve long-term goals in your career.

Social Connections – Your student and professional life can interfere socially at times.  Use a little morning time to reach out and catch up with friends or family, even indirectly through social media or an email.  If you have a spouse or children, spend time getting ready and eating breakfast together.

Meditate – A sense of peace and calm can be a difficult feeling to grasp.  For a few minutes, break away from everything around you and focus inward.  Take deep breaths and connect with how your body feels instead of the million thoughts jumbled in your head.

Accentuate the Positives – Everyone has something to be grateful for, but sometimes we lose focus on those things in a slew of tasks or self-criticisms.  Make a list of what you’ve accomplished so far and what you have to be thankful for, even if it’s a cup of coffee or that you taught your dog a new trick.

Create a Calendar – Remember all those goals floating around in your brain?  Time to write them down and give them a due date!  With a clear picture of time, you can more easily manage your day, week, month, and year to fit in everything that you want.

Check Your Email – This time, it’s less of a social call and more of a way to be prepared.  There’s always a chance that you have an urgent email about exam material updates or an opportunity to meet and network with someone that afternoon.  Waiting might just mean missing out on getting ahead.

Read the Headlines – From blog feeds to a physical newspaper, it’s easy to have access to what’s going on in the world.  It’ll allow you to stay on trend and connect with a more diverse range of people and their opinions.


As a student striving for the right career, it’s easy to get waylaid by deadlines and tasks that are not your own.  The morning hours before class or work can help you achieve your personal goals and find your own definition of success.  It can also decrease your stress by keeping you organized and on task.  If you find yourself struggling with your current academic rigor or you can’t decide on a career path, consider speaking with a Pioneer Pacific Admissions Officer.




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