Why You Should Become a Medical Coder— You Can Work From Home!

Why You Should Become a Medical Coder— You Can Work From Home!

31 January 2019 By Kate

Medical coding student learning at a computer at Pioneer Pacific College
Want to contribute to the healthcare field in a meaningful way, but still be able to work from home in your pajamas?

A career in medical coding is your answer.

In this growing field, a large majority of healthcare providers are choosing to outsource their billing and coding workloads, leaving coders and billers with a wide variety of job opportunities and more flexibility and freedom with schedules and locations.

Many billers and coders are able to work from the convenience of their own home. They are also a great fit into any medical office behind the scenes, doing amazing work every day.

You could work anywhere from hospitals to specialty clinics, such as podiatry or pediatrics.

What is Medical Coding?

Medical coding is the process of assigning universal medical alphanumeric codes for medical diagnoses and procedures to be cataloged electronically in a clinical database.

What Does a Medical Coder Do?

A medical coder is responsible for translating patient data into standard medical codes, as well as organizing and maintaining medical records of hospital and/or clinic patients by electronically recording data to be stored in clinical databases and accessed for analysis and reporting.

Medical coders compile and maintain patient data for clinical databases and registries, meeting regulatory and ethical requirements of the healthcare system. They also track patient outcomes for quality assessment and ensure the confidentiality of patients’ records.

Benefits of a Medical Coding Career

The field of medical coding is a thriving component of the healthcare system, and it offers individual perks that make it an attractive career path for many prospective students.

Medical Coders Can Work From Home

As one of health care’s growing professions, medical billing or coding offers an additional advantage— it may give you the opportunity to work from home.

Many medical coders are offered the flexibility and freedom to work from the comfort of their own homes. This may require electronic communication with clinics and physicians, as well as occasional video conferencing if necessary.

The process of cataloging and translating medical charts into the universal coding system can be done from home! Electronic health records make it easy to communicate directly back to the physician.

Start Your Own Medical Coding Business

Many billers and coders take the opportunity to use their education and experience to break-out and start a business of their own.

With your own business, you can build clinic and physician relationships to continue bringing work in. It also provides autonomy in how you provide coding services to those medical professionals.

This option gives medical coders freedom and opportunities that can last many years.

The Future of Medical Coding

Within the US Healthcare industry, medical billing and coding is experiencing the biggest evolution. Billers and coders are at the core of health care reform in the fight to reduce waste and cut health care costs.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics billing and coding specialist jobs will rise by 15% by 2024 to accommodate the increase in baby boomer patients.

Medical Coding Salary

The average entry-level income of a Medical Coder typically starts above other healthcare careers. 

With the additional option to start your own business, you can take charge of your own potential to make more money as well.

Meaningful Impact on Healthcare

Prompt and correct medical coding helps medical practices keep the doors open, so in a way, you are saving lives too!

Medical billers and coders also report to having less stress on the job as compared to other healthcare careers, to which this flexibility may contribute.

How To Become a Medical Coder

Training for a biller or coder typically takes about half the time as a medical assistant or technician. Many programs and classes are primarily online with connections to a local campus for support and assistance if needed.

At Pioneer Pacific College, you can earn your Medical Coding Associate of Occupational Science Degree in 70 academic weeks. In lectures, labs, and simulations during this program, you’ll learn insurance billing, coding, medical records management, and administrative front office responsibilities.

Upon successful completion of the Medical Coder program, Pioneer graduates will be prepared with the skills needed to work in clinics, insurance companies, doctor’s offices, hospitals, other health care affiliates, or potentially even your own medical coding business.

Get Your Medical Coding Education

If you’re interested in contributing to healthcare in a meaningful way with the freedom of working from home in a career path with growth potential, talk with our Admissions Officers about applying to Pioneer Pacific College.

Kickstart your career today!

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