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Covid-19: School Closure

Dear All,

It is with deep and profound sadness that our institutions have succumbed to closure that was brought on by COVID-19.  The constraints created by this environment have made it virtually impossible to deliver high quality hands-on vocational education. 

We have proudly served Oregon and Oregonians for the last 30 years and have positively impacted thousands of lives.  There is not a single Oregon community and employer that has not been touched by one of our 16,687 graduates. 

We are working with our regulatory bodies to provide them with all the information and documentation to bring this closure to its conclusion.

An email was sent to all our students on what to expect over the next couple of weeks and additional resources have been provided below.

With deep sadness,

Pioneer Pacific College and Oregon Culinary Institute


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What happens to our accounts if we have a credit or accidentally overpaid: We are in the process of reconciling every account and if there is a credit balance, we will mail out a check to you.
  • How do I get a transcript: We are in the process of printing out official transcripts and we will mail them to you over the next few days. You do not have to call or email to request one, it will automatically be mailed to you.  After the permanent closure date (July 31, 2020), your transcripts will be stored at the State of Oregon:

Transcripts: If you need a copy of your transcript after the closure, please call 503-947-5716, or email

  • How do I file for closed school loan forgiveness: You will have to use the date of closure as of July 31, 2020, as it will be required for the application process.  What you need to know is that if you apply for loan forgiveness you do not get to keep your completed credits and will have to start all over again at another institution. The other thing to understand is that once you initiate a transfer to another school and your credits are transferred, you will not be able to apply for loan forgiveness.

Additional info: Federal Department of Education Information –

What other schools are there for me to complete my education in Oregon:

Culinary programs:

Last words of advice: We highly advise you to take a closer look and give preference and go to one of the public institutions as this pandemic has placed a financial strain on all private schools; At least the public schools have the financial backing of the State of Oregon.


Transcript Requests:

  • Requests for official PPC transcripts must be received in writing, either in person, a private carrier, or by email/fax.
  • Phone requests are not accepted.
  • Transcript request forms are available online or at the Beaverton or Springfield campuses.
  • Transcripts cannot be released if a financial hold is placed on the student’s record. Contact PPC Student Accounts at 503-682-1862 to make arrangements to clear any holds.

Official Transcript Fee: $5.00 per transcript

You can also download this Official Transcript Request Form, fill it out and email* it to the Registrar at

Unofficial Transcript Fee: Free

You can also download this Unofficial Transcript Request Form, fill it out and email* it to the Registrar at

*Having trouble emailing a completed form? In order to email a completed form to the registrar, you must first save the pdf to your computer’s hard-drive, then complete the form and save again before attaching to your email.

Students who request transcripts in person must make payment (see above for applicable fees) at the time of order. When submitting the form or a letter request via fax, payment should accompany the request. Include a check, made payable to Pioneer Pacific College, or credit card number (Visa or MasterCard only) and expiration date. Please do not send cash in the mail. If payment is not received, the request will not be processed.