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Brandon Gust

Brandon Gust

Healthcare Springfield 541-684-4644

Programs: Healthcare

Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Administration from Northwest Christian University; Master of Business Administration degree from Northwest Christian University

“I primarily teach in Healthcare Administration and Health information Technology. I am certified in HIPAA compliance, U.S. Corporate Privacy, Revenue Cycle Management, and Healthcare Information Technology.

Professionally, I have worked in both the health insurance and healthcare provider sides of the industry and have been fortunate to gain an understanding of how both sides work. I believe this helps me share a well-rounded perspective with my students.

My favorite part of the job is touching minds and watching ideas grow. I like seeing students build confidence as they prepare to enter the field. I love the process of getting students involved and engaged in their future. My role is to facilitate learning, but students have the ultimate responsibility to grab on to the opportunity and achieve what they desire from an education. I admire students who juggle families and work while excelling in a challenging academic program.

On a personal note, I enjoy new experiences and adventures. Trying a new restaurant or jumping out of an airplane, it is important to live life to the fullest.”