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David Wilhoyte

David Wilhoyte

Business Beaverton
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Programs: Business

Master of Business Administration

David Wilhoyte began teaching at Pioneer Pacific College after a varied career in both the corporate and self-employed realms. After earning his MBA in Boston he served as a Business Consultant at Grey, Shifman & Storey. He later worked for Walt Disney World as a Marketing Representative, then became a Senior Marketing Manager at Sega of America, Vice President at Santeler Marketing Group, Division Director at SegaGameWorks and Senior Marketing Executive at TiVo. His entrepreneurial life has shifted from owning and operating a marina, a small airline, two franchise businesses, a cabinet shop and a few on-line enterprises. He has lived in four countries and worked in dozens worldwide. He is a licensed pilot, skydiver, scuba diver and expert sailor. When he’s not grading papers or immersed in the world of business, he spends all the free time he can with his wife and three year old daughter on their floating home on the Columbia River. And his son Greg, lives in Wilsonville and is a student in the Bachelor’s program at PPC. When asked why he teaches his response is, “I believe I help students – I love those moments when they realize they have the capacity to excel.” And his favorite superpower? “Time travel – because I never want to stop learning and living.”

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