Hillary Humphreys - Pioneer Pacific College
Hillary Humphreys

Hillary Humphreys

Academic Coordinator Springfield
Hillary.Humphreys@pionnerpacific.edu 541-684-4644

Degree in Humanities from Shimer College, Chicago

“I wandered aimlessly after graduating, not sure what to do with the skills I learned in school, and then I found Pioneer Pacific College. They wanted someone with writing and research expertise to run the Resource Center and I wanted a position that involved helping others. We’ve ended up being a pretty good match. I really adore my job and love working with students as they study their way to a job that they will also adore. They’re a whole bunch of smart, driven individuals and the absolute best part about working here. When I’m not in the Resource Center I’m either on Netflix powering through the entirety of a random British costume drama or I’m experimenting in the kitchen. I love to cook and can make a downright revelatory plate of macaroni and cheese. I’m also a huge bookworm so if you’ve read anything good lately, I’m always in the market for recommendations.”