Linda Farmer - Pioneer Pacific College
Linda Farmer

Linda Farmer

Business Springfield 541-684-4644

Programs: Business, General Education

Bachelor of Arts in Business/Marketing from the University of Oregon; Masters of Science Degree in Management/General Business from University of Oregon

Linda Farmer is the Program Director for Business and General Education at the Springfield Campus. After working more than seven years in Marketing, Linda discovered teaching at Pioneer Pacific College and fell in love with helping students find their potential. “My favorite part of each day is hearing my student’s exclamation of satisfaction at the discovery of new information.”

Prior to attending the UO she worked nine years in banking. Her hobbies include hiking, reading and attending sporting or cultural events. “If I had one personal super-power, I would love to be able to fly like Superman!” for her students she stated, “The super-power I would most want to have is the power to grant my students the knowledge of their own unique potential and the confidence to succeed in life.”