Philip Sahaayaruban - Pioneer Pacific College
Philip Sahaayaruban

Philip Sahaayaruban

Healthcare Program Director Wilsonville 503-682-1862

Programs: Medical Assisting

“Of all the jobs and careers in the world none would be possible without educators. I am very proud to be an educator and enjoy my work very much. My philosophy is to provide students with knowledge and the social experiences necessary to improve their future as well as our planet.

Being with students in the classroom and let them to explore experience and knowledge. In addition, I keep every note my students send me after they graduate from the college or whenever they get a good job. These inspiring notes keep me going on still!

I love playing Cricket and Soccer.

I would still love to work with Roxanne (my Boss) no matter what position I will be getting in the future because she gives me the freedom to explore the things that I would like to do (e.g., I established HIT externship program with Providence this year).”