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Rob Morrison

Rob Morrison

Information Technology Wilsonville 503-682-1862

Programs: Information Technology

Master of Divinity in Patristic Theology from Multnomah University; Master of Engineering/Computer Engineering/Computer Science/Speed School of Engineering from University of Louisville; Bachelor of Science/Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science/Speed School of Engineering from University of Louisville

“I am a classically trained musician. I compete in strength athletics (Strongman, Highland Games, etc.). When I travel internationally, I usually wind up being detained at border crossings for unknown reasons beyond my control. I drink my coffee straight; you should only adulterate coffee with more coffee. I think that “Pinky and the Brain” was the greatest cartoon of the 90s. I can speak or read five languages and can program in eight more. I have really small feet. The best thing about making your own beer is drinking beer while making your own beer. I am Southern, but I do not sound like it. The best way to deal with computer issues is with a big hammer. One of the previous statements is false. It is up to you to figure out which one is.”

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