Saydee Wilson - Pioneer Pacific College
Saydee Wilson

Saydee Wilson

Medical Assisting Beaverton 503-682-1862

Programs: Medical Assisting

Associate of Applied Science from Pioneer Pacific College; Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Services; Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Services

“I worked in the medical field as in-home health assistant for about five years and decided to go to school to further my education. I was hired on at Pioneer Pacific after graduation as a teaching assistant for the lab and I also worked in a hospital during this time in the lab as well as a small clinic rooming patients, drawing blood, giving immunization, and billing and coding. I have been at Pioneer Pacific College since 2003 and a half years. During this time I have moved through many positions within the medical assisting department including instructor, externship coordinator, and medical assisting program director. I decided to stay with Pioneer Pacific because I love sharing the information I have obtained with others and it feels great to watch your students walk across the stage at graduation. In addition to this, Pioneer Pacific is like a second family to me. There is support and smiles from staff, faculty, and students everywhere you look.

One thing many people do not know about me is that I love to continue learning, reading, and my new hobby crocheting. I am currently working on a second bachelor’s degree. As far as a super-power, don’t think I would want one. If you do not go through the experience (good or bad), relying on the support of family and friends I do not think you would gain much from the experience.”