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Online Hybrid Programs

The popularity of taking online classes to earn a degree has grown over the past several years. As technology advances, so does the infrastructure of online learning. Improvements in technology have made online education a more accessible option for people whose lives are full of prior commitments and obligations. Teachers and students alike, are becoming more familiar with how to navigate online courses, and programs continue to improve.

However, along with the benefits of taking online classes, such as 24/7 access to learn at your own pace and no commute to and from class, there are some major drawbacks as well. For instance, many online programs offered by colleges across the United States, and beyond, provide limited interaction with instructors, fellow students, and requires self-direction to stay on-task.

At Pioneer Pacific College, we offer a unique solution to the drawbacks of earning your degree completely online – online-hybrid programs. Online courses may be accessed 24/7 from any location with internet access and the proper equipment, allowing students to achieve their education goals without giving up other commitments. Our online-hybrid programs allow students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge needed to complete their degree, with a combination of in-class guidance and online courses. This provides students with flexible learning opportunities, in addition to the in-class guidance and social interaction with your student-peers.

Students may take less than 50% of their hybrid program online. A student may therefore study fully online for a given quarter, but the total number of online courses taken in a program must be less than 50% of the total number of courses in the student’s program. For more information about which of our programs have an online-hybrid option, please contact our Admissions Department by calling (877) 772-8636 for a complete list. 

If you are a current student looking to access Pioneer Pacific College’s online learning platform, please follow this link.