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EKG & Phlebotomy Technician – Certificate

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The Certificate in EKG & Phlebotomy program is designed to prepare the graduate for an entry-level position in a physician’s office or medical clinic. The program emphasizes the development of clinical skills to train students for a career assisting healthcare professionals as a Phlebotomist and/or Electrocardiogram Technician.

Students learn not only in the classroom, but also in a laboratory which simulates the facilities, equipment, and records found in clinical areas of ambulatory care centers. Safety measures, proper technique, and patient care will be covered. In addition to classroom and lab instruction, students spend the last 180 hours of their program at an externship site, where, under supervision, they experience firsthand the working environment they are preparing to enter. Certain vaccines may be required for externship and employment. Applicants to the program are encouraged to discuss any health issues with an admission officer.

Upon completion of the Certificate in EKG & Phlebotomy at Pioneer Pacific College, the graduate will be expected to:

  • Function as a member of the healthcare delivery team.
  • Apply competent patient care while fulfilling laboratory and administrative duties as an entry-level assistant to healthcare professionals.
  • Draw blood for tests, transfusions, donations, or research.
  • Apply knowledge of patient care and record keeping in the performance of electrocardiograms.
  • Assist with basic charting and record keeping functions in medical administrative settings.

Students may be required to pass a criminal background check and/or pass drug screenings in order to become employed in the healthcare industry. Individuals with criminal backgrounds may have difficulty securing employment in the field. Prior to enrolling in this program, students should research what future employers require in order to determine how this may affect their chances of becoming employed.

Norma Mejia“My favorite part was doing phlebotomy... it’s more hands-on and easier for me to learn that way.“Norma Mejia, Medical Assisting w/ Limited X-ray Graduate

Program Details

How long will it take me to complete this program?

The program is designed to take 30 academic weeks to complete. Methodology

Looking for something to specialize in while studying nursing, or are you searching for something to get your foot in the door within the medical field? Earning an Electrocardiogram (EKG) and Phlebotomy Technician Certificate not only takes less time than other medical field degrees and diplomas, but you can earn a similar salary to many other medical related professions. EKG & Phlebotomy Technician Career An EKG Technician performs diagnostic tests on a patient’s heart to assess their rhythm and heart rate. While this role works alongside medical professionals, EKG Technicians put their skills to use before and after a surgery, during routine examinations, and when a patient experiences heart conditions or chest pain. Someone in this role can also help notice heart disease early, keeping patients out of danger, ultimately saving a person’s life. A Phlebotomy Technician has an equally important role. Many assist within a medical office, clinic, or hospital. A Phlebotomist’s main task is drawing blood from a patient. Depending on the employer and experience level, another part of their role may be running diagnostics on blood samples. What to Expect as an EKG & Phlebotomy Technician Aside from gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to take on an EKG and Phlebotomy Technician career, there are other skills you must attain. For example, you must also be a strong communicator, an independent team player, and have the motivation to continue learning new healthcare information that pertains to your specialties.

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Possible completion

  • 30 academic weeks

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Typical Jobs

This is a new program. Data is not available.

Possible Career Paths:

  • Cardiovascular Technologist
  • Medical Sonographer
  • Phlebotomist

This program is approved to be offered by the State of Oregon, Office of Degree Authorization.

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