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Limited X-Ray – Certificate

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The Certificate in Limited X-Ray program is designed to prepare the graduate for an entry-level position in a physician’s office or medical clinic. The program emphasizes the development of clinical skills to train students for a career as a Limited X-Ray Machine Operator or X-Ray Technician. Students learn not only in the classroom, but also in a laboratory which simulates the facilities, equipment, and records found in both the clinical and administrative areas of ambulatory care centers. Students are introduced to the field of limited X-Ray typical in clinical settings.

Students gain knowledge and basic X-Ray skills covering the head, spine, chest, upper and lower extremities and feet. Acquired skills are demonstrated using an on-site energized X-Ray lab. Safety measures, positioning techniques, and film assessment will be covered. In addition to classroom and lab instruction, students spend the last 180 hours of their program at a Limited X-Ray externship site, where, under supervision, they experience firsthand the working environment they are preparing to enter. Certain vaccines may be required for externship and employment. Applicants to the program are encouraged to discuss any health issues with an admission officer.

Licensure is required in order to become an X-Ray Technician in Oregon and many other states. Graduates of limited X-Ray are eligible to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist’s (ARRT) Limited Scope exam in order to obtain limited licensing through the Oregon Board of Medical Imaging (OBMI). Applicants are encouraged to contact the OBMI if they have been convicted of or plead guilty to a felony or misdemeanor in order to see how this may affect their eligibility for licensing. Students will be required to pass a criminal background check and may be required to pass a drug screen in order to become employed in the field.

Upon completion of the Certificate in Limited X-Ray at Pioneer Pacific College, the graduate will be expected to:

  • Function as a member of the healthcare delivery team.
  • Understand and apply radiation safety and quality diagnostic radiographic procedures, with a focus on demonstrating anatomical structures of the chest, extremities, spine, podiatry and skull.
  • Accurately perform, process, and critique their own radiographic films.
John McKey“Pioneer Pacific was the right choice. My teachers are great and I've learned a whole lot. I'm looking to work in a VA Hospital because there's one in every major city and I could transfer to be closer to my family.“John McKey, Medical Assisting w/ Limited X-ray Graduate

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How long will it take me to complete this program?

The program is designed to take 40 academic weeks to complete. Methodology

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  • 40 academic weeks

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This program is approved to be offered by the State of Oregon, Office of Degree Authorization.

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