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From the first moment you meet with one of our friendly Admissions Officers, we take a genuine interest in your goals, skills and natural talents. We want to see our students not only earn a degree of their choice, but to excel at what they’re doing.

When you meet with one of our Admissions Officers, you will discuss your career interests, talents, goals and previous education. You can view the campus first-hand, ask questions regarding specific degrees and find out if a particular career is a good match for you and your goals.

If you decide that Pioneer Pacific College is a good educational match, your Admissions Officer will carefully assist you with the application process. All applicants are required to take an evaluation test to measure reading, writing and mathematics skills. You’ll also meet with a Financial Aid Officer to create a personalized financial aid plan. Once all acceptance requirements have been met, you are scheduled for orientation and can begin your exciting path to a new career.

Whether you know exactly which career you would like to pursue or you need a little more guidance, our doors are always open to you.

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