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11 September 2014 By Lucas

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5 Entry-Level Healthcare Administration Jobs to Start Your Career

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 11 out of the 20 fastest-growing occupations are in healthcare. If this is a field you’ve been thinking of entering, you can expect an 18% growth in available jobs between now and 2026. It doesn’t matter if you can’t stand the sight of wounds or trauma injuries, […]

Nursing School Requirements: How To Get Into Nursing School

2035 will mark a milestone in US history. For the first time, census analysts estimate that those over 65 will outnumber those under 18. And we’re already seeing the effects of this shift throughout the economy. As the US population continues to age, the need for skilled and compassionate nurses for patients of all ages […]

5 Simple Reasons You Should Become a Radiologic Technologist

You’re interested in a career in healthcare. You like the idea of helping people get and stay healthy, and you’re looking for a long-term career option that’s not only lucrative; it’s interesting and you’re proud of what you do. Have you considered the reasons to be a radiologic technologist? Check out these five reasons becoming […]

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